20 July 2017 –

As many charities close for the summer in France, thousands of older people, families with young children and vulnerable individuals are left to their own devices. Many suffer from isolation, heat, lack of food, and some struggle to find a place to sleep or wash.

To address this, Dons Solidaires has developed a support programme specifically targeted to charities that are open during the summer, which often have to deal with people in extreme poverty.

In July and August Dons Solidaires is supplying organisations with everyday essential products such as razors, shower gels, laundry detergent, nappies, which are donated by manufacturers and retailers and distributed to people in need.

Two pilots have been launched in Paris and Lyon. Août Secours Alimentaire in Paris receives essential products from Dons Solidaires to complement its free lunch scheme, while in the Lyon area, the BUS 69 initiative sees a team of volunteers and doctors travel around fifteen deprived neighbourhoods of Lyon to provide help to those living in extreme poverty.

In France, one in three children doesn’t go on holiday because families simply cannot afford the cost.  Many charities organise days out or short trips for children who would otherwise have gone without a family holiday. This time away from home play a crucial role in a child’s development and well-being, and allows them to discover new cultural or sports activities and open up to other horizons. Dons Solidaires provides partners such as the AJD Vacances Foundation, which organise trips for children, teenagers and deprived families, with new, donated products adapted to their needs from sun protection to sneakers, backpacks, hygiene kits and outdoor games.

Find out more on http://www.donssolidaires.fr  (in French)