About us

In Kind Direct International

In Kind Direct International has been set up to bring together charities specialising in distributing new consumer products donated by retailers and manufacturers to not-for-profit organisations across different countries

A Common Goal with Diverse Reach

All members of the In Kind Direct International Network distribute surplus new goods which are received from manufacturers and retailers to charities, not for profit organisations, associations and social enterprises. Beneficiary organisations which receive goods from members of the network use the products either to run their organisation, or give them out as vital support for people in need.

In Kind Direct International Network Members

Current members of the network include the founder member, In Kind Direct; Innatura in Germany; Dons Solidaires in France; and MateriaBona in Switzerland. The network is continuing to expand. 

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Members collaborate to share donations, information, innovation, best practice, general policies and processes, to enable goods to be distributed in the most effective way, maximising benefit for people in need and the charities which serve them.

Our Royal Founding Patron

HMH King Charles III is the Royal Founding Patron of In Kind Direct International, which was set up in 2013 to facilitate an international network of thriving charities able to access and provide the products needed to transform lives across the world.

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