Dons Solidaires recently received a large donation of personal care items from Boots, a regular donor to In Kind Direct in the United Kingdom.

The donated products were distributed to 185 charities across France, helping hundred of people in need.

Here are just 2 examples of charities which benefited from the donations.

SOS FEMMES 93 - Bondy (Paris surburb)

The charity helps women who are victims of domestic violence.

It offers three core activities: a reception centre with a telephone consultation service, an orientation centre and a reception centre; a residential unit with a security service, a shelter and a mother & child centre; and finally a resource centre with a regional platform and a resource hub.

"We would like to thank you for the quality of the gifts to the women and children our charity supports over three "chatty breakfast" mornings on December 16, 23 and 30, 2016. Ahead of these convivial moments, members of our teams have prepared attractive individual packs. The women were all visibly delighted and emotional about receiving these gifts. A big thank you!"

Mrs. Christine Pernot, Deputy Director, in charge of the Residential Centre

"We were pleased to come to this festive reception, to meet and talk with other women and the charity staff. This breakfast session has done me good, it gave me a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for the gifts!" said a beneficiary

"I thank you for these beautiful gifts and for this morning with other women and people from the organisation. Happy New Year!" said another beneficiary

"Thank you very much for everything you do. The gifts were really spot on! You're awesome! Thanks to you I am feeling much more positive." Dolores, a beneficiary


Secours Catholique tackles the root causes of poverty, inequality and exclusion. The charity calls on public opinion and authorities to support its long term solutions. At the heart of its action is the engagement of beneficiaries in order to provide a collective response to social issues.

"We organised a festive afternoon tea during which we gave out cosmetic products. Our beneficiaries were very happy to be able to spend time together and receive these beautiful gifts."

Ms Juliana CHERMANNE, Network facilitator

Afternoon Tea at Secours Catholique, Arras

Pamper packs distributed on the day

Pamper packs distributed on the day