Give goods and funds

By working with In Kind Direct International, your organisation could make a significant impact, helping people in need while reducing your environmental footprint and contributing to your corporate social responsibility goals.

High impact

Reaching individual charities and arranging donations is time consuming and complex. With In Kind Direct International, you can reach thousands of charities – and millions of people – all through a single point of contact.

Do your bit for the environment

As well as helping you to meet your corporate social responsibility obligations, In Kind Direct International helps you to reduce your environmental impact by diverting your surplus stock from landfill.

Inspire employees and stakeholders

Giving to In Kind Direct International network members can have a positive effect across your organisation. With our detailed reports on how your stock is being put to use, you have the perfect way to tell your employees, customers and stakeholders about the valuable help your organisation provides and its impact.

Share your surplus stock

Stock which is surplus to the needs of your organisation can become a way in which you can support many charitable organisations. In Kind Direct International network members can deliver your products to where they are needed most.

Peace of mind

Our vetting and monitoring procedures ensure control over where your products go. All donations are tracked so we can ensure your goods will only be used for charitable purposes.

Do you have goods to give? Get in touch today!